Makeup Lessons

Aren’t we lucky to have the wonders of makeup to give us a wee helping hand in looking our best? But where do you learn to use it properly, how do you know what you really need in your kit, and how do you know what works to make the best of your features and make you look naturally fantastic, rather than covered in makeup?

I have seen the huge difference firsthand in having a professional makeup artist apply my makeup before a photo shoot. The difference in the end result is incredible – it’s the difference between just looking like you, and you looking polished and professional. So how do we take those professional tips and tricks and apply them to our everyday life?

Amber Carroll is a professional makeup artist. She has done my makeup now for several photo shoots. As well as working a lot with magazines and TV, she also is a popular choice with brides wanting their makeup to be perfect for their big day.
So where do us mere mortals fit in? I’ve often thought I’d like some professional advice on my makeup, but I don’t like the idea of sitting in the middle of a mall somewhere having my face done in front of everybody. I also don’t want to be restricted to one brand, or to feel pressured to buy whatever the sales person chooses to use on me. Amber has responded to numerous requests by now offering Makeup Lessons and a Makeup Audit, in the comfort and privacy of her own home, to people who want to know how to get the best out of their makeup and learn how to apply it properly themselves. I went along to get my makeup sorted and here is what we did:
First up we had a look at how I currently do my makeup and did a Makeup Audit, which entailed tipping out the contents of my makeup bag(s). We went through this so we knew what I already had, what could be improved on, any colours that don’t suit me, or colours that we could include in the future. The focus is on making the most of what you already have, rather than needing to ditch everything and completely start again.

Then we took my own makeup off and started again with how Amber would do my face. She opened up her entire professional makeup kit so there were all sorts of different products to play with. We started with the basics, and compared these to the products I was currently using, enabling me to see the differences / benefits. Moving onto the eyes, Amber showed me a couple of different looks which were simple to create, but very effective. For each look, she would do one eye, then I would practice doing the other.

At the end, Amber wrote me up a personalised face chart with suggestions of different products that would be useful for me to use. Amber doesn’t have any affiliation to particular brands so there was no favouritism to any brand in particular. In fact, I ended up with a range of products on my list incorporating five different brands. Also, Amber doesn’t sell any makeup so there was absolutely no pressure to buy anything. Although I now have my wishlist of new makeup, I didn’t feel that I needed to rush out and buy everything, or indeed anything – I simply know what I will be replacing my current makeup with as it runs out.

I happily recommend one of these sessions with Amber. It was relaxed and fun, but I learned a few things. Amber was honest but not brutal and made me feel comfortable. And best of all, there was no pressure or sales. I also definitely recommend having your makeup done professionally if you’re doing an important photo shoot. The end result is so much more polished looking and knowing that you look your best is a real confidence boost for the photo shoot itself.


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